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Computers And Information Technology (top Careers In Two Years)

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Computers And Information Technology

Ferguson Pub

ASIN: 0816069034
ISBN: 0816069034
Author: Claire Wyckoff

Kids love this great book. Written by Claire Wyckoff and the publisher is Ferguson Pub. It was released around December of 2007. The children's book is 121 pages long and it includes illustrations. The children's book also accentuates Professions, Occupations and Vocational guidance. Let yourself get engrossed within the children's book. To get your personal print of this book for your children, visit the add to cart button on this site.

Examine professions in the growing field of computer systems and information technology that happen to be accessible to students with two-year degrees, and learn about essential tools for profession achievement and planning. Chapter Book: 10 chapters Includes black-and-white photographs, table of contents, index, appendixes, sidebars and interviews.


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