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Gcse Office Applications: Teacher's Book

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Gcse Office Applications Teachers Book

Hodder Arnold H&S

ASIN: 0340730153
ISBN: 0340730153
Author: Bill Owens

The author is Bill Owens and the publisher is Hodder Arnold H&S. The became available sometime in 1999. The book has 208 pages. We would like for you to get the best price when acquiring a children's book for your children, click on the add to cart button.

This text provides a teacher's companion to GCSE Workplace Applications and GCSE Information Studies courses. It delivers guidance on how you can deliver the course, together with suggestions on developing further resources. The requirements for the SEG, Edexcel and NEAB syllabuses are mapped in to the textbook and data is offered on exam techniques and levels of response marking schemes. It contains totally photocopiable resources and provides answers to questions, activities and assignments contained within the student's book.


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