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Integrated Business Technology: Stage 2

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Integrated Business Technology Stage

Heinemann Educational Publishers

ASIN: 0435451944
ISBN: 0435451944
Author: RSA Examinations Board

Your kids will love Integrated Business Technology: Stage 2. Written by RSA Examinations Board and the publisher is Heinemann Educational Publishers. It became available sometime in 1996. The book has 96 pages. Buy your copy of this children's book, click on our affilate link on this page.

This student book is a resource created for the IBT II scheme which was introduced in October 1995 by the RSA Examinations Board. For college students who are acquainted with each of the use of spreadsheets, databases, word processing and representing information graphically, this award offers them a development into file handling. This book consists of units on each in the 5 components within the scheme. Each and every unit consists of exercises created to permit college students to practise the abilities essential to acquire IBT II elements of certification, two assignments for each and every and each from the four IT applications, 1 total integrated assignment which develops the use of spreadsheets, databases, word processing and graphics, and self-assessment checklists which cover each of the IBT specifications and prepare students for assessment.


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