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It Skills For Business

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It Skills For Business

Hodder Arnold H&S

ASIN: 0340538392
ISBN: 0340538392
Author: Gladys G. Skinner / E. M. Prentice

My kids want to share with you a great child's book called It Skills For Business. The author is Gladys G. Skinner / E. M. Prentice and it was published on the 3rd of December, 1992 by Hodder Arnold H&S. The book has 160 pages. To get your very own copy of this book, check out our affilate link on this site.

This book is created for 14-18 year-olds who are following business and secretarial courses. Lastly there is certainly a section on vocational qualifications and NVQ competences to help college students plan their studies for the future. Within each unit a series of activities, set in organization contexts, builds and reinforces students' IT skills while exemplifying how businesses make use of IT. Six units cover possibly the most generally employed software program packages: databases, spreadsheets, word processing, graphics, integrated packages and desktop publishing. The book is essentially activity based, showing how information technology is employed inside a organization atmosphere. As nicely as activities, this book contains sections of background material covering hardware and software, learning packages and importantly, self-evaluation and assessment.


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