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Learning With Computers, Level 6 Blue

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Learning With Computers

Cengage Learning

ASIN: 0538439688
ISBN: 0538439688
Author: H. Albert Napier / Philip Judd / Jack P. Hoggatt

Children love this awesome book by H. Albert Napier / Philip Judd / Jack P. Hoggatt. Written by H. Albert Napier / Philip Judd / Jack P. Hoggatt and it is published by Cengage Learning. The book became available sometime in January of 2005. The children's book is 400 pages long. Allow yourself to be absorbed by this book. Whenever you read, think about the dilemma inside of your head.

The new LEARNING WITH COMPUTERS LEVEL 6 Blue extends the original LEARNING WITH COMPUTERS LEVELS K-5 into middle school together with the new LEVEL 7 Green and LEVEL 8 Orange. Several hands-on activities inside each project are developed around these objectives. Additionally, the text emphasizes research, reading, and writing activities related to social studies, science, math, and language arts curriculum. This one-semester text might be employed as a stand alone or in conjunction with South-Western's Micro Type keyboarding computer software. Micro Type is an engaging, easy-to-use program that teaches new-key learning and skill making. The text offers many opportunities to reinforce and maintain basic keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, database, graphics, and Internet skills. Features include 3-D animations, videos, and fun interactive games. The LEARNING WITH COMPUTERS series for middle school college students delivers a sturdy foundation in keyboarding and pc applications. Along the way, each student keeps a personal journal about their explorations. Every single project focuses on a group of grade-level suitable objectives for distinct computer applications. Additionally, college students use several application tools such as keyboard shortcuts, shortcut menus, toolbars, and the menu bar to perform tasks. Each unit contains multiple projects for a total of 18 projects per text, plus an introductory project. The text for use with Windows applications, is divided into 4 units; Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations (Graphics, Multimedia, and Integration) and Databases. In this new project based text, college students are introduced to the Explorers Club where three young members from the club - Luis, Ray, and Julie - guide college students on virtual explorations. Students are also introduced to new grade-level suitable computer abilities according to the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS ).


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