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River Oaks Centre: A Keyboarding And Word Processing Simulation (bpa)

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River Oaks Centre A Keyboarding

Cengage Learning

ASIN: 053843449X
ISBN: 053843449X
Author: Arvella Adair / Karen Young

Your child will love this excellent book by Arvella Adair / Karen Young. The author is Arvella Adair / Karen Young and the publisher is Cengage Learning. The book was available on bookshelves around March of 2002. The child's book has 112 pages. Some say they never have time to read, yet reading is yet another excellent usage of time, especially with the right child's book. Allow yourself to get absorbed by this child's book. Imagine oneself being the essential character, thinking about and struggling to find an answers. For the greatest deal on this book and various other products, click on the add to cart button below.

River Oaks Centre is an intermediate-level keyboarding simulation that could be utilised right after 1 semester of keyboarding. It supplies a way for college students to apply and reinforce their keying and document formatting expertise as part-time personnel of a shopping mall."The simulation contains a built-in Reference Manual and enrichment activities-two proofreading activities and seven activities for the computer River Oaks Centre brings keyboarding and document processing together with other business skills, to make particular that college students can expertise"everyday occurrences in an actual business setting.


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